Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review – 4TB Portable Hard Drive

Introduction – Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

Welcome to my Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review.

Toshiba External Hard Drive is a Compact design with stylish, textured finish and color options to fit your lifestyle. It’s Automatic backup software to easily back up your content (free download, for Windows PC only).

This device is USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible and Password protection software to help prevent unauthorized access to your data (free download, for Windows PC only).

What You’ll Get to Enjoy This Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive?

  • Compact design with stylish, textured finish and color options to fit your lifestyle.
  • Automatic backup software to easily back up your content (free download, for Windows PC only).
  • Password protection software to help prevent unauthorized access to your data (free download, for Windows PC only).
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty(3).

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Features of Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Store It All

Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

Step up your storage with up to 4TB(1) capacity so you can take your massive collection of photos, music, and videos with you on the go – and still have space for all your other important files, too.

Take Your Pick

You create to make a statement. Shouldn’t your equipment shine too? Choose from a selection of vibrant colors in a stylish textured finish, so your portable storage can stand out as much as you do.

Create More. Worry Less.

Keep your files safe and secure with automatic backup and password protection features. The Toshiba Storage Security and Storage Backup software* makes safeguarding your content easy and hassle-free. (*software is available via free download, for PC only)

Canvio Advance Portable External Hard Drive

Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

Whenever and wherever creativity strikes, Canvio Advance offers the space to save your greatest work yet. The drive features easy-to-use backup and security software* and comes in a stylish textured finish with vibrant color options to fit your style. (*software is available via free download, for PC only)

Built To Travel

Sleek storage in a compact, easy-to-hold casing with a textured finish and available in multiple vibrant color options, so your storage can step up and stand out — just like you do.

Storage You Can Count On

Up to 4TB(1) of storage capacity to easily store your growing files and content. Plus, USB 3.0 & 2.0 compatibility allows for high-speed data transfer with no external AC power cord needed.

Safeguard Your Memories

Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

Free downloadable Auto Backup Software (for Windows PC only) makes backing up your files a breeze.

All Product information & Others Technical Details Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

  • Hard Drive: ‎4 TB Portable
  • Brand: ‎Toshiba
  • Series: ‎Canvio Advance
  • Item model number: ‎HDTCA40XG3CA
  • Hardware Platform: ‎PC, Mac
  • Item Weight: ‎7.7 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.3 x 3.1 x 0.77 inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎4.3 x 3.1 x 0.77 inches
  • Color: ‎Green
  • Flash Memory Size: ‎4 TB
  • Manufacturer: ‎Toshiba
  • ASIN: ‎B08JKHY4Y1
  • Country of Origin: ‎Philippines
  • Date First Available: ‎January 7, 2021

What’s About Warranty and Support? Return Policy: You may return any new computer purchased from that is “dead on arrival,” arrives in damaged condition, or is still in unopened boxes, for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. reserves the right to test “dead on arrival” returns and impose a customer fee equal to 15 percent of the product sales price if the customer misrepresents the condition of the product.

Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse is missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer tampering will result in the customer being charged a higher restocking fee based on the condition of the product. will not accept returns of any desktop or notebook computer more than 30 days after you receive the shipment. New, used, and refurbished products purchased from Marketplace vendors are subject to the returns policy of the individual vendor.

You can plug and play without using the software?

Answer: I assume you are asking in regard to the backup software that usually comes on such a disk. The answer is “Yes” by just using windows explorer to move and copy files. I don’t care for the usual backup software, so the first thing I do is move all the files in the root directory to another one that I create just to save it.

Then I’m not bothered by their backup software when I plug in the drive. Other programs can save files to the disk too. Your computer should find any drivers if needed. That would be under another topic.

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What You Need to Know About Portable Hard Drives

There’s a lot of nonsense in the reviews, so I’m going to give you some facts. Feel free to do some research to verify what I’m saying. This is already a wall of text so I won’t go into too much detail. (At the end there’s an update about my only problem with this particular model and a simple technique for recovering data when the internal drive is still good.)

1) EVERY hard drive manufacturer has failures. EVERY last one. Some are DOA, some take a month or more. It depends on your use. Moving parts break. Vents clog. Chips fry. Boards crack. I tried finding good data, but [statistics jargon]. Commonly reported rates, industry-wide are in the 2-5% failure range with some lines doing better or worse. Personally, I’ve had a great experience with these.

1b) No matter how good, all hard drives eventually die. Count it a win if you can use it until it’s too small and slow to be worth keeping. (When that happens, don’t forget to secure erase the drive before recycling it.)

1c) People are more likely to complain than praise. Any drive you research will have fewer good user reviews than bad. (See #8 & 9 below.)

1d) Smaller manufacturers get bought out by larger ones. Last year’s high-end product may now harbor a low-end drive. Seriously. CYA. Find manufacturers you trust and give them your loyalty.

2) Every USB hard drive, thumb drive, etc. works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are a few specialty proprietary devices, especially for professional and enterprise equipment, but consumer equipment works on both. Reformat it if you need to. Check it on all your devices before using it (technical reasons).

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2b) ExFAT is the usual suspect for cross-platform file sharing. It’s not great. It has nothing to hinder data loss (like journaling) and, in my experience, Macs sometimes choke on it. Consider a reputable cross-platform file driver and stick with NTFS or HFS+. Check your drive on all the platforms before using it (technical reasons). If you’re using it for backups, only use it for backups. If it’s for TimeMachine on a Mac, let TimeMachine reformat it and take it over completely.

2c) Check the options when you buy them and check again in your cart. There are multiple sizes, styles, and “support” options. Make sure you’re ordering what you think you are. Seriously. I’ve seen plenty of reviews by people who are really complaining that they ordered the wrong thing. And watch the price when you change options. Check it again in the cart before you check out.

3) Don’t move your data – copy it. And save your old drive until you are sure the new one is good. Feel free to abuse your new device, perform surface scans, etc. as often as you want when you get it. It’s called a burn-in. If the drive’s mechanics are good, the software will watch for failing sectors later (look up S.M.A.R.T.).

3b) This particular drive isn’t an SSD, but since I claim to be telling you everything about hard drives… SSDs don’t need scans and should not be defragged. It’s actually bad for them.

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4) Get an online backup service, preferably a reputable one with a zero-knowledge policy, like SpiderOak or Carbonite. That means the provider can’t access your data even if they wanted to. It’s called security. Hang on to your old drive until your files finish backing up (in case of a failure). Depending on your service, it may not take very long. (Some services check your data to avoid uploading the same data twice.)

5) Electronic equipment, no matter how rugged or solid-state it claims to be, no matter what the ads say, is not intended to be thrown, dropped, sat on, magnetized, electrocuted, submerged, burned, microwaved, or implanted into living beings. It’s certainly not meant to be thrown, left in the rain, dropped in the pool, etc. You do that and it breaks. You lose data. Products actually intended for this behavior are expensive. Water-resistant is not submersible. The submersible has limits. Shock-resistant does not mean it’s ok to drop it.

6) Don’t use the included backup software, backup service, or built-in password protection. You are not paying for these things. If they were that good, they would be sold independently. If they are, what you have is an ad designed to trick you into using a service you won’t bother to cancel. Get your own service. (See #4.)

6b) The first thing you should do is reformat the drive, even if it came formatted. It doesn’t take long. Just do it.

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7) Portable is good, but if your laptop comes with an external mouse and keyboard, two external drives, a hub… it’s not portable anymore. SD cards are pretty cheap and more durable for travel. They’re also faster. Keep your drive safe and bring copies. Unless, of course, you need a lot of space. In that case, get a second drive and bring copies. If your data is that important, protect it.

8) Think of the stupidest person at your job and assume that every review is written by them. Seriously, I’ve known professional techs I wouldn’t trust to plug in a keyboard. Some of them made a lot of money. I have DECADES of tech experience. I also have a bunch of educational and professional credentials.

Of course, I may also be a small pink bunny. You don’t know. Don’t listen to people on the internet, including me. Look for respected technical sites (I don’t think I’m allowed to list any here) and find consensus. Ask what the worst outcome is if the writer is a moron or troll.

9) When checking the reviews, check what the 1-star reviews say. Are they bitter or factual? Do drives fail? Did the company treat them well? Are they actually complaining about Amazon or a 3rd party seller?

9b) 12% of the reviews here are 1-star. A quick survey shows me at least half of them are by people that don’t know as much about computers as their friends tell them they do. Half of the rest are actually complaining about other stuff. Toshiba’s return policies look like they could use some work though, so use your 30-days to burn it in and back it up.

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TLDR I’ve been using The Toshiba Canvio line since it came out and I still have and use my original drive. I’ve used them professionally, as have people I know in a variety of fields. I’ve personally owned at least 6 and know many others with them. In all that time I’ve had exactly one problem (see below). When asked for my professional recommendation, it’s my go-to. Lately, I’ve been looking for a higher capacity drive (Macs and laptops are port-deprived), but I keep coming back here.

UPDATE: I had my first problem, an old 1TB I’ve had so long I can’t find a record of when I bought it. The light was on but the system didn’t even know it was there. The fix? I pried open the case and unplugged the sliver of electronics connecting the internal drive’s connector (SATA) to the outside socket (USB-B). Then I plugged it back in and reassembled the drive. FWIW, it’s called reseating. It works on anything with a cord and ranks up there with restarting the system for magical fixes.

BONUS: No guarantees, but if that sliver of electronics is bad, you may be able to access the drive inside with new housing or SATA to USB adapter kit. I think I paid around $40 for mine. Opening the case carefully is probably more difficult than using the gear, but there are a number of reputable forums where you can get help using it.

Does It Worth Buying?

Dear friends, before buying anything, people must look at its price. That’s what he shouldn’t buy. The price he is paying is what he deserves, not deserves to buy this thing. But after considering all the aspects, people buy the product.

Also considering all the aspects of this product, I can definitely tell you that you will definitely benefit from this product and you should pay the price for it.

Nowadays this device is so important to you that you can’t even imagine yourself. You can use it in a way that is readily available to you. You can carry it wherever you want and it is very light and small. Then you can use it anywhere you want and you can take all your information or different types of documents to the country and abroad. It is very important to you that you must buy.

There are many more benefits to this that you may have learned from the above review so much time so friends now without further ado click on the Amazon link below and learn more about the product.

Final Opinion – Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

One last word, friends Toshiba’s portable hard disk is important and very valuable in today’s world market. Which many have used and benefited from using. So you can also use it in your daily work and various needs.

Toshiba External Hard Drive is a Compact design with stylish, textured finish and color options to fit your lifestyle. It’s Automatic backup software to easily back up your content (free download, for Windows PC only). So it’s very important for you.

Finally, I want to say you can choose Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review. If you see the overall user opinion then it’s really awesome. Over 21,747 people ratings this Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive as GOOD. Thanks for reading my Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review.

Thanks, dear readers for reading all the blog posts and for staying with us. I hope you will purchase this beautiful External Hard Drive by selecting the right product and clicking on the link below. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day.

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