EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review | 2.4G WiFi Compatible

Introduction: EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review

Welcome to my EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review.

EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera a 1080P HD outdoor camera. You can EKEN Wireless Doorbell in two ways. One is the security camera and the other is a doorbell. The doorbell camera comes with PIR Motion Detection.

Moreover, the Eken doorbell camera has night vision. However, are you looking for the best wireless video doorbell? For this, have you selected EKEN wireless video doorbell? Do you want to grab this doorbell?

But I’ll say before buying, you should need to know an honest opinion about it! For this, complete this review. Inside this review, you’ll get all info about it. And then I’ll share my opinion about this wireless doorbell.

Table of Contents – EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review

Product Overview

What You’ll Get to Enjoy This Doorbell Camera

Product Description of EKEN Wireless Doorbell

Product Information of This Video Doorbell

Wonderful Features of This EKEN Doorbell

Compare with Other Doorbell Camera

What’s About Warranty and Service

What Are You Get In The Box

Am I Recommend EKEN Doorbell

Final Verdict

Product Overview

EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review

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What You’ll Get to Enjoy This Doorbell Camera?

【HD Real-Time View & IR Night Vision】The wireless doorbell comes with a wide-angle lens. So, this camera doorbell ensures you a sharp and detailed view. It also does this same task either in real-time live view or in recorded videos.

Moreover, the video doorbell has built-in 6 infrared lights and an intelligent IR sensor. As a result, it allows you to have a clear view at night and in other low-light conditions.

【PIR Motion Detection & Free Chime included】Most importantly, the doorbell comes with an upgraded PIR motion sensor. As a result, it responds very quickly. After that, the wireless camera doorbell has humanoid motion detection.

So, you’ll get the option to detect only human beings and ignore unwanted movements. Smart alerts will be sent to your mobile/tablet every time the bell is pushed and every time a movement is detected.

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The indoor chime lets you hear the doorbell ringing when you are home. Therefore, you never miss a moment, no matter where you are.

【Two-way Talk & Cloud Storage 】The doorbell cameras wireless has two-way audio functions. As a result, this makes it easier for you to talk to your visitors or strangers anywhere, anytime.

Consequently, every valuable event that happens at your door will be recorded by the doorbell camera. And then it will be saved in the cloud.

So, you don’t need to worry about losing the videos, or someone stealing your hardware. Because you’ll get all things safely saved in the cloud.

【100% Wire-Free & Rechargeable Batteries Included】This doorbell camera wireless connects to 2.4G Wi-Fi. EKEN company has used rechargeable batteries to power this doorbell.

Most importantly, the doorbell is 100% wire-free. So, you don’t face the hassles of cable. After that, you can just mount it in any spot you like. The Aiwit App is available in Google Play/App Store.

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It takes only a few seconds to download. Subsequently, you can easily set the door camera up in Aiwit App and mount it up at door.

【IP65 Weather Resistance & Multi-User Sharing】The video doorbell is certified as IP65 dustproof and waterproof. The Aiwit App of doorbell supports 1 main account and 8 shared users.

In short, it is so easy for you and all of your family to access the camera and guard your home together. On the other hand, you can also add multiple cameras to the same account.

Product Description of EKEN Wireless Doorbell

The EKEN has launched a new doorbell camera. This doorbell camera is fully wireless. This video doorbell has a wide-angle lens which is very sharp and detailed. This can record video in 1080p.

The doorbell camera can record video not only in daylight but also in night vision. After that, the doorbell camera wireless has a two-way audio function. So, you can talk to your visitors or strangers anywhere, anytime.

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The doorbell provides cloud storage. Therefore, it records video and automatically uploads it to the storage. On the other hand, this video camera is compatible with 2.4G WiFi. However, the doorbell is battery-powered.

So, there has no hassle or worry about connecting with electricity. Most importantly, the wireless doorbell is IP65 water and dust-proof. So, there have to not worry about wasting it.

If you connect this doorbell with the Aiwit app then it will alert you by giving notifications. To clarify, it is very easy to mount.

Product Information of This Video Doorbell

EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review

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Wonderful Features of This EKEN Doorbell

See Who Is Visiting

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and secure. Wherever you are, the Smart Video Doorbell Camera lets you see who’s at your door. Most importantly, you can talk to the visitors over the phone, or talk the strangers away.

Smart PIR & Humanoid Detection

You have options to let the doorbell detect all kinds of movements or detect only human being’s movements. With push notifications on your mobile, you can always be aware. In addition, you can react faster to take action.

AES 128 Graded Encryption

All events will be recorded. Whether it’s someone rings the doorbell, motion is triggered, or you check live view, videos will record. After that, it will save safely in the cloud, for you to view, download, and share.

Safety in Family Control

Most importantly, you can easily share door camera access with friends and family. So, no matter where you are, everyone can catch up on the latest events. After that, the owner account can share with 8 other accounts. On the other hand, up to 3 users may view the video feed at one time. After that, only 1 user can use the intercom at one time.

Wireless Indoor Chime Included

The wireless doorbell camera comes with a free doorbell chime. You can put it in your dining room, kitchen, or courtyard. When someone rings your doorbell, the chime will ring along.

Certified IP65 Weather Resistance

Brand new EKEN doorbell is IP65-certified. The camera doorbell is designed to stand the rain, sun, heat, or chill. IP65 means totally protected against dust, and protected from low-pressure jets of water from all directions. As a result, it will protect your home all the time.

Compare with Other Doorbell Camera

What’s About Warranty and Service?

EKEN usually provides 1 Year limited warranty service for their products. They warrant this video doorbell to be under normal use and service conditions. If it fails to operate under normal use, EKEN warrants this product.

EKEN offers 6 months limited warranty and sales services on this video doorbell. The warranty counts for a period of 6 months on the Frame from the date of purchase. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser.

What Are You Get In The Box?

  • 1* video doorbell camera
  • 1* wireless indoor chime
  • 2* rechargeable batteries
  • 1* USB charging cable
  • 1* double-sided adhesive tap
  • 1* screw pack
  • 1* manual

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Am I Recommend EKEN Doorbell?

Dear readers, as a matter of first importance, I would say that purchasing an item is significant just when you can utilize it in your work life. In short, it is helpful to you. According to all angles, this camera is really essential for you.

Firstly, the EKEN wireless doorbell is controllable through an application. So, you can place all the controls of this wireless camera on your mobile phone. After that, it sends notifications to your phone when some press the doorbell button.

After that, it is certified as IP65 dustproof and waterproof. Therefore, it will protect your home in any weather, any temperature. Above all, it can record videos both day and night and they are sharp and detailed.

After that, the video doorbell automatically uploads these videos to the cloud storage. In short, a single doorbell camera gives you countless conveniences. So, it is certainly worth purchasing. Now, you can pay to get it.

Final Verdict on EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review

Finally, I want to say that the EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera is an amazing doorbell with a lot of features. I’ll say that the doorbell is a great doorbell at this price range. It will be better than your expectation.

The doorbell is made with IP65-certified materials. So, it is long-lasting and durable. This video doorbell is vital for you. You can keep an eye on your home and office with this video doorbell.

In short, you can keep control of your own place 24/7 if you stay 200/300 kilometers away from your place. Subsequently, the doorbell has a two-way audio function which makes it easier to talk to your visitors or strangers.

After that, the video doorbell is compatible with 2.4Ghz WiFi. But it doesn’t support 5GHz Wifi.

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After that, it has Smart PIR & Humanoid Detection. So, it detects only human beings. But doesn’t detect any animals.

After that, it doesn’t work with Alexa. Except for these two things, all features are included in this doorbell which you need. Above all, I love this doorbell because it is battery-powered and wire-free.

So, I’ll say you can choose the EKEN wireless doorbell camera for your own. If you see the overall user opinion then it’s really awesome. After that, thanks for reading my honest EKEN Wireless Doorbell Camera Review.

Thanks, dear readers for reading all the blog posts and for staying with us. I hope you will purchase this wireless video doorbell by clicking on the link below. I hope everybody on this site also had a great day.

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